March 19, 2016

I encourage you all to try out “Fighting Warrior Pose 1”. As silly as it may seem, it feels quite empowering!

My brain feels like mush so writing this is proving to be difficult. Why does it feel like mush? I will tell you. I am currently learning how to speak French and today before and after work I went with my boyfriend (avec mon copain) to all French speaking get togethers at cafes. I speak only a little French and can understand a fair amount. I am using the app duo lingo everyday to improve my skills. My only previous experience was getting up to French 2 in high school and going to one French speaking camp in the mountains. However, that was years ago. My fluent French speaking boyfriend inspired me to pick it up again and I have realized I have missed French. I chose to take French in high school because it felt closer to my Italian heritage than German or Spanish. Also, French is so pretty. (Français est une joli langue). I leave now to go practice more French. I am feeling determined!

  • Revolved Upward Mountain Pose- raised bound hands
  • Seated Knee to Shoulder Pose
  • Pose Dedicated to Siddhar Vaasamuni
  • Hands Bound Water Grove Pose
  • One-Legged Scorpion Pose
  • Fighting Warrior Pose 1
  • One-Legged Inverted Staff Pose
  • Reclined One-Legged Thunderbolt Pose- knee bent at 90 degrees

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