March 25, 2016

This time next week I will be competing in a dance competition for West Coast Swing. I had my last private lesson before the event today. Fridays are usually a big Lindy Hop night for me so it was weird to have a West Coast Lesson while a bunch of Lindy Hoppers are roaming around the dance studio. Talk about mixed inputs. I am going to have to work hard to internalize the changes made during the lesson before I spend a full night of dancing in a different style. I am pretty sure I will only dance West Coast all next week to solidify my specific technique. It is necessary for me to shake off the lesson today completely and then think about again in the days to come. Not the ideal situation but I am making the most of it.

My main goal as a dancer is to learn the styles that I want and be so comfortable with them that I can change technique in the instant. I would be stoked if I could go from a bouncy and energetic Lindy Hop in one song, to a slinky and sexy West Coast dance for the next song, and then to a romantic Waltz with proper frame for the next song. I see the dances as languages. To be fluent enough to switch between languages is a goal of mine because I want to be able to teach all of the dances.

  • Hand Position of the Pose Dedicated to Garruda in Warrior 3
  • Easy Pose- elbows crossed, backs of hands to the knees
  • Staff Pose- fingertips pointed to heels
  • Tree Pose in Pose Dedicated to Sage Vasistha
  • Reverse Prayer One-Legged Water Grove Pose
  • Hands Bound Pose in Hero Succession Series
  • Extended Leg to the Side Tip Toe Squat Pose
  • One-Legged King Pigeon Pose 1-grabbing onto foot with both hands
  • Sideways Reclining Leg Position of the Pose Dedicated to Garuda

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