A quick catch up. April 27, 2016

I am currently drafting a sizable post about ‘daily routines’ and fitting everything in. Though I am super excited about this post, I realized it was silly not to post anything until it was finished. So here is an update..

Hello again blogging community! I am back with lots to share. I am finding the time to actually blog again by trying to focus more and limiting my multitasking.. Let me explain.

I have been feeling very low energy lately and I am trying to determine the cause. One guess is that I am vitamin D deficient. I don’t spend much time outside so I am rectifying that by opening my windows fully when I am home and spending a few minutes, whenever I can, walking outside. The Italian in me tans super quickly so I am cautious. My weekend job is easier if I am as fair as possible (Elsa from frozen is not tan..). If doing something small like walking outside for 15 minutes makes me happy and more relaxed then I should give myself permission. Simple. Time spent towards acquiring perpetual  contentment is time well spent. Again my next big post is about time and how we spend it, so I hope you stay tuned for that!

My other guess is that my body has been put into starvation mode. I have been exploring some new research that says a diet of just veggies, complex carbohydrates like grains, and protein is not enough for our bodies to function. When I figure this out I will let you all know about my experiences as well!

So on a different note, I am super excited because I have never bought a care package or anything like that on the internet. I stumbled across yogi surprise and fell in love with their jewelry box. (Super affordable too! Two handcrafted pieces of jewelry and a bar of chocolate for around 25 dollars?! yes please..) I have been wanting a mala and I haven’t gotten new jewelry in years. My first box is coming next week! When it gets here I will let you all know how it is. 🙂

I am planning a big photoshoot this weekend before I start to pack up my lighting equipment. Things are getting put into storage before I visit France (which is in 39 days! Ahhh! Super stoked!) A lot of things in my life are changing but I think it is for the better. I am getting giddy all of the time because as I let my life unfold as it should I can’t help but bask in gratitude. I think learning a new language has made me extremely thankful for language itself. How fortunate are we that we are able to fully express ourselves through words? Learning a new language has made me appreciate English.. Something that I realized I took for granted.

Thanks for reading my mishmash update blog post! Stay tuned for more refined posts as well as fun adventures. As always, comments are always welcome. ❤








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