A lot of love for Yogisurprise

Stop in to see some new yoga poses! As I mentioned in A quick catch up. April 27, 2016 I ordered a box from yogisurprise.com

I was giddy all day when my box was supposed to arrive. When the tracking number said it had been delivered to my mailbox, I ran (actually ran) to the mailboxes to get it.. I then ran all the way back to open it. No disappointment at all! I knew I was getting this Mala because every month they give you a preview. When I saw the bracelet my jaw dropped. I understand why people buy things online now.. The rush is insane. Note: I was not sponsored for this review, I am just that excited about my yoga box. ❤

An overview of what I got:

One Sandalwood, Pearl, and Amazonite Mala. Sandalwood for it’s calming qualities paired with pearl and amazonite to “instill a sense of peace, balance, courage, and truth.”

One Labradorite and Jade bracelet. Labradorite is the ‘stone of protection’ and “strengthens natural energies from within.” White jade (which is not in the close up pic) “is known to help filter distractions, pull in relevant, constructive information and aiding decision making.”

And….. chocolate… this box comes with two pieces of jewelry and some form of chocolate.. The chocolate didn’t quite make it to the photo… oops ;D


As seen on instagram:


A photo for you if you are on my blog! This is One-Legged Fierce Pose 4 from my countdown 😀  Hands are typically bound but holding a box works.. 😉 Fantastic hip and shoulder opener! I encourage you to give it a try.


More countdown fun!

Back to my phone camera. Since I am moving in less than a month, my lights are all packed up. However, I did take some photos a few days ago before I packed and will post some of them soon. ❤

This is Upward Staff Pose in Headstand 6- I found it to be a core workout in the best way.


Namaste everyone

❤ Mia




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