A Look Inside.

Around this time last year, I began the planning process of this blog. So much planning, so much pressure put upon myself. Having never blogged before, I had no idea what I was getting into. I’m starting up again, no pressure, no deadlines, just love.
I have been endlessly thinking about restarting my blog. I have been endlessly putting it off until I had more time. News flash… I never had enough time. I need to make this happen if it is something I want. I love the outlet this has given me in the past and I also love the community of bloggers it has opened me up to. So here we go again.
Just over a year ago I was rear ended at a stop light. I’m still in pain over a year later. I wasn’t getting better so something had to change. My parents and I are always in the pursuit of bettering ourselves and we stumbled upon a chiropractor who actually uses X-rays when he adjusts his patients. What?!  Actually knowing where to adjust specifically instead of just cracking anything that will move? Seems logical to me.
I have always known that I had a slight curve in my upper back. Through doing yoga I thought I was helping it and to be honest, my flexibility is the only thing that is saving my back right now. My flexibility is the only thing that is making it so that my scoliosis can be reversed. I have a chance. I’m taking it. News flash. This picture of my back is me standing up as tall as I can. Obviously something is wrong. My “slight curve in the upper back” is much more problematic than I thought. No part of my spine is correct and my muscles are fighting every day. No wonder I’m in pain just standing. It isn’t my fault. Though I am surprised that it took me this long to find a doctor who wants to fix the problem and not just the symptoms.
I have always prided myself in growing, always pushing myself. Lately I feel more determined than ever and still somehow in the deepest rut too. I write this as I sit in my car staring up at the stars through the hole in my roof that I don’t have the money to fix yet. That money is going to fix me. I can duct tape my car. I am not going to duct tape myself any longer.
This next year (though I’m starting now) will be focused on centering myself. I will get my back into perfect alignment and through doing so I will affect so many other aspects of my life. I made the mistake of making flexibility the goal. Man, was I way off. Just writing flexibility as a goal is much too broad. To narrow it down I am now saying that I will be flexible in every vertebrae of my back. Every muscle in my body will be flexible. I will find balance. And through that balance I will find strength.
For those reading this. I encourage you to find the strength to take care of yourself. Find something that inspires you and do it. That is not selfish. I stumbled upon this the other day just when I needed it. I’m so tired of people saying to put others before yourself. We all must find ourselves before we can even start to understand others. We can’t take care of others without first having enough energy ourselves. You are not being selfish if you take the time for yourself. I promise you.
If you would like, you can scroll to the bottom and subscribe to my blog to follow my journey correcting my spine and centering my entire life in the process.
Have a great day everyone! Thanks for tuning back in. ❤

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  1. Maria Vietmeier says:

    How do subscribe?
    I’m inspired! I will support you in any way I can!
    Love and hugs!

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    1. If you scroll to the bottom of the post there is a follow by email button 🙂 it will email you any time I blog ❤️


  2. Yay I’m glad you’re back!! Missed your posts ❤

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